Hunter advantages

Our advantages

Company advantage— data information

Hunter summed up the information from customers and years of service experience, conducted detailed research with advanced scientific and technological means, established a huge information network unique to Hunter, mastered the shipbuilding, operation years, port information, maintenance and repair time, and the required parts data. Through the unique database, Hunter has realized scientific inventory, efficient service and accurate delivery.

Company advantage— technical services

The shipbuilding industry is a highly sophisticated industry. From the overall design to the design of parts and components, it is often a slight discrepancy may lead to a serious error. As a service provider, Hunter always adhered to professional services, establishes a first-class professional team, can provide customers with onshore troubleshooting technical support services, and signed strategic partnership agreements with some specialized technical service companies. The company has long been engaged in the study and research of engine patents such as MAN Diesel & Turbo (MDT), Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) and J-ENG, and is proficient in theoretical knowledge, at the same time, it combines a large number of practical maintenance experience to form a highly specialized technical team. The company also regularly invites experts and engineers with MDT and Wartsila brand product management and technical service experience to provide systematic training to employees, and strengthen the knowledge of the low speed two stroke machine technology for all personnel.

Company advantage— service outlets

Hunter is based on the establishment of a global service network to respond quickly, which can provide customers with overseas technical support, testing and maintenance, foreign affairs and other services through outlets, and strive to meeting customers' overseas needs.
At present, Hunter has many service stations around the world including London, Istanbul, Dubai, Hong Kong, Pusan and Shanghai. Moreover, technical service companies with close strategic cooperation in the United States, Brazil and Singapore can provide boarding services.

Company advantage— accessories management

Through its own powerful database, Hunter can achieve a market-oriented scientific storage based on ship and customer information, which can control and manage the whole process of product warehousing, quality inspection, product warehousing, and packaging logistics in a whole process and can also ensure high efficiency and zero error through bar code management. In order to ensure the safe use of the spare parts, the ship parts provided by Hunter are all original, ensuring that they are tied together with the ship, improving the accuracy of purchasing spare parts and ensuring the safe navigation of the ship at the same time.