Team Introduction

Team Introduction
Since its establishment, the company has paid great attention to the construction of corporate teams, and its employees have always implemented corporate values in their work practices. Professionalism, responsibility and sincerity are the basic qualities of our members of Hunter. Employees have a strong sense of scientific awareness and responsibility. They have a highly responsible and rigorous work attitude in the service process, ensuring professionalism and accuracy in their work, and making corporate services more efficient.
Since its establishment, the company also regularly invites professionals who have rich experience in product management and technical services from MDT and Wartsila brand models to provide training to employees. After the training of professionals, the company improved the warehouse reserve, carried out scientific inventory management, and at the same time, strengthened the control and management of the whole process of product warehousing, quality inspection, product outgoing and packaging logistics.

Order processing team

Hunter strict monitors market demand and scientifically stores. Warehouse orders are all managed by bar code, software monitoring and real-time updating.

Technical consulting team

The technical department of Hunter employs professionals with rich experience in the shipyard to answer professional questions for its customers.

Boarding service team

Hunter employs experienced people to help customers board the ship for inspection and maintenance. With rigorous and scientific attitude, and rich experience to the customer escort.