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2019-06-21 10:41:58

Shanghai Hunter Marine Co.,Ltd has got an five-month consecutive growth in sale performance, since the beginning of 2019. The sales of spare parts for main engine has come up to 28 million. The order amount of May has reached 3 million, which is a sales record of a single month.

We reached a record high in May no matter from the whole engine spare parts sales or the new engine building projects. Totally, Hunter sold 63 new building engine, which include 34 WINGD type and 29 MAN type. Following are some prepared products for new building engine:

UPS Control for ME Engine

 All kinds of instruments


Temperature sensors and instrument station


Various types of sealing rings and springs.


Shanghai Hunter Marine Co.,Ltd focus on the R&D and service of new building engine project business, committing to provide high quality product with lower price. For steady development based on the following products.

1) MAN Engine Spare Parts Group

21-1050Cylinder Column Door Cover


21-1034Thrust bearing oil throw ring and oil scraper ring

21-1422Turning Gear

21-1426Guide shim and Flexible pipe

21-2210NRV of liner, gasket of cylinder cover, lubricating oil distributor and cooling water joint pipe

21-2214Cylinder Cover Spring seat assembly

21-2222Insulation material and heat shield, cooling water joint, safety handrail

21-2226Intermediate nozzles and shaft locating rings

21-2234Cooling oil pipe and middle gasket inside piston rod

21-2246Stuffing box shell

21-3020Liquid level sensor

21-3026Flush valve and VOC pressure testing tool

21-3418Cylinder starting valve, piston ring and solenoid valve

21-3822Cylinder Control Unit

21-5026Control air pipe assembly and solenoid valve

21-5934Fuel Oil Regulating Valve

21-5028Liquid level monitoring

21-5048Liquid level switch

21-5066Cylinder Oil Heating Cable

21-5428Air cooler gasket

21-5443Grid, Expansion Joint and packing

21-7000Solenoid Valve of Control System

21-7034ECR Control System

21-7038Engine Control System

21-7040Scavenge Air control System

21-7410Instrument Unit

21-7422Axial Vibration Monitoring

21-7427Bearing Wear System

2) WinGD Engine Spare Parts Group

1704Relief  Valve Column

2124Cylinder Liner and Insulation Tubes or bandage Installation

2138Lubricating Quill for Pulse (Non Return Valve)

2728Starting Air Valve, Piston Rings, Solenoid Valve

2745Indicator Valve

2754Exhaust Valve and Spindle

3425Piston Rings

4325Shut-off Valve Starting Air

4605Control Air Supply System

7206Cylinder Lubricating Pumps

8650Relief Valve Starting Air

9258Pressure Switch / transmitter

9310Bearing Temperature Monitoring

9312Bearing Wear Monitoring

9311Piston Cooling Temperature Monitoring

9330Terminal Box E10

9336Cable Ducts

9352Terminal Boxes Alarm

9362Flex Electronic Components

9605Spare Parts Cylinder Lubrication

9606Spare Parts Engine Control System

3)  Other general products

Various O-ring, D-type ring, Square section sealing ring, metal combination ring,Copper gaskets, Asbestos free gasket.

Various compression springs, stretching springs, Butterfly spring, Spring gasket and coil.


Forecast according to the monthly growth trend, Hunter may exceed the annual sales target, which means Hunter's development has entered a brand-new period. By means of spare parts products and new building project business drive, push constantly the performance to new heights. Hunter team is full of highly motivation, we will forge ahead for the annual target and get full of confidence for the bright future.