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2019-06-04 10:01:48

    Hunter-CSE service team completed successfully the 5-year maintenance task of three sister vessels (ME type: MAN 6S70MEC) in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province in 26 days. This overhaul service has many characteristics such as long service time,long distance, heavy task, strong specialty and high requirement. This proves once again the professional level of Hunter in the field of ship maintenance service, and shows the strong service ability of Hunter team in different places.

We have learned Hunter immediately made detailed maintenance plan in advance according to the customer maintenance requirements after receiving the maintenance requirements from our customer. Arrange a strong professional service team with rich field experience to carry out this field service. Engineers take the initiative to communicate with the Chief Engineer about this maintenance plan after boarding the vessel. Make the process control form and confirm it by crew when each service item was completed. Finally, successfully complete these three vessel 5-year dock repair.

This professional, efficient and fast service has won high praise from customers. It has made a solid step for the development, manufacture and maintenance of Hunter ship maintence industry.

Only professional people can do professional things well. Hunter pay high attention to the establishment and training of the field service team. Dedicated to building a professional service team to meet the needs of different regions,different customers,different ship types.

In addition to ship service business, Shanghai Hunter Marine Co.,Ltd is also a marine engine technology consulting, maintenance, spare parts supply, storage and logistics service as one of the ship power system parts service provider. Service ship types have included bulk cargo, tanker(VLCC) ,container and other ship types. Customers have covered China, USA,Europe,the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. Since Hunters establishment, with the concept of professionlism and innovation, Hunter has built a first-class technical, rapid reponse, accurate delivery service team, promoting the overall level of the ship power system service industry, has provided satisfactory service more than 500 ships and established a good reputation in the industry.