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2019-01-11 19:07:55

In 2014, for the vast sea, be raging like storm,   having frightful billows and terrible waves, and the earth-shaking , a mighty and majestic team- SHANGHAI  HUNTER  MARINE  CO.,LTD   rushing as fast as horce and meteor toward the ocean and future.

Today, five years later, on January 9th, 2019, the Hunter Marinehas weathered the storm of difficulty , bravely standing on the  forefront of the world, full of harvest, and returning triumphantly. It is particularly worth celebrating that the song of the " Anthem of Hunter Marine " written by Zhao Ye , the head of the Purchasing Department, is collected successfully by the company and it will be the first factory song of Hunter Marine to be shocked in the whole shipbuilding industry.

The first part of the song is quoted in the classics, magnificent andglorious, showing the ambition of the HunterMarine.

The middle part of the  song is powerful, summing up the past, looking forward the future, revealing the working hard of the Hunter Marine .

The  last part of the song is responded end-to-begin, presented perfectly , confirming the staying true to the mission of the Hunter Marine

The song is magnificent, and the tunes are exhilarating, which bring the people into a big scene of the vast sky, and inspire the pride and ambition of every Hunter fighter...

The sailors' backs fully interpret perseverance. A little achievement is not worth being mentioned. You need to keep up your efforts and don't leave it. As thesong, the success of the company is inseparable from the struggle of Hunter person working more than 1,000 days and nights in 5 years.

"The stone weared by water droplets, which is the secret of success. The team is the foundation, and landed solidly. The ancient pagoda is magnificent, and brilliant." Thissong is the best summary and outlook for Hunter Marine.