Corporate Culture

Corporate culture
[Corporate vision]
Global one-stop marine power system repair, maintenance solution expert
[Corporate mission]
Providing marine engine system with industry chain comprehensive service platform including the global, professional technical consultation, repair and maintenance, spare parts supply and logistics distribution; protecting and escorting for shipping
[Corporate spirit]
Perseverance, Scientific rigor
[Corporate values]
Profession, Responsibility, Sincerity
[Corporate creed]
Protect and escort for shipping

[Business philosophy]

Helping the rapid development of China’s ship power service industry
Establishing strategic partnerships with upstream and downstream of the ship industry chain
Providing one-stop comprehensive service for marine power maintenance
Becoming an authoritative solution expert in the field of ship power

[Market positioning]

1. Target customer positioning: Shipyard, main engine factory, shipowner, etc.

2. Service content positioning:

Technical consultation: Answering customers’ professional questions in the field of marine engine, providing professional technical support and escorting for navigation.
Ship maintenance: Repair and maintenance, exclusive distribution of parts of the ship by the port.
Parts sales: Focusing on the sale of ship main engine parts, all using genuine parts or OEM parts to improve the safety of parts.
Warehousing and logistics: warehousing is scientific, motorized and diversified, strict monitoring logistics and controlling the cost.

[Management policy]


Taking information data and knowledge as guidance

Core support

Taking technical specialty as the core support


Taking the client’s trust as the highest mission


Taking the customers’ shipping safety as purpose

[Industrial composition]

The service industry includes: Ship main engine production supporting and after-sales parts business for general cargo ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, liquefied petroleum gas carriers, chemical tankers and container ships

[Governing principles]

Scientific consciousness guided by technology Result-oriented sense of responsibility
Efficient, pragmatic, rigorous, professional

[Social responsibility]

It is our greatest responsibility to the society to improve the quality of shipping power system services, enhance shipping safety and efficiency, and escort shipping.